Welcome to my blog; Strong and Flexy.


Strength and flexibility have never been a strong point of mine, excuse the pun. However, I decided its time for me to do something about it. Hopefully taking myself out of my comfort zone by setting myself new goals will inspire my current clients to attempt something new and exciting. Whether it is within the health and fitness industry or out of it.

Until this year I have never tested my 1RM (one rep max), which is basically the highest amount of weight I can shift for one repetition. So just like starting a new programme, exercise class or personal training this was very daunting for me. I honestly had no idea what sort of numbers to expect.

Here are my results which were measured in May 2016 @ 85kg bodyweight;

  • Front Squat - 100kg
  • Back Squat - 100kg
  • Bench Press - 100kg
  • Military Press - 60kg
  • Deadlift - 160kg

There were areas from these lifts that I was very happy with and other areas I wasn't so happy. I should be stronger in my Squats and also I wasn't very happy with my 60kg Military Press. However, I was very happy with my Bench Press and Deadlift. It is obvious I have neglect certain areas of my body by not performing certain lifts. For example, my Back Squat should be much higher than my Front Squat.

I am currently working out what my strength goals are so that will be coming up in the next blog post. Hope you all enjoyed reading this.