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About Me

My name is Matty Young, I've worked in the Health and Fitness industry for five years finally reaching my goal and becoming a Personal Trainier. It is difficult to know where to start when beginning an exercise journey. There is an overload of information around and I realise how frustrating it is investing a lot of effort, time and money into achieving your goals and seeing little or no results. This is where I step in, I will develop a tailored exercise and lifestyle plan relevant to your goals, capabilities and barriers.

Everyone is different, so if you have followed certain exercise or nutritional plans and not seen any changes it is likely you need to change some of your lifestyle factors as well. Once you start to develop your knowledge you will see results, therefore feeling healthier and being more confident to exercise without the need of a Personal Trainer. The testimonials may help you make a decision if you are still on the edge, or unsure about personal training.


  • Level 3 Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences,
  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training,
  • Level 3 Exercise Referral,
  • Level 3 Sports Conditioning,
  • Level 3 Outdoor Fitness,
  • Circuit Training,
  • Spinning.

customer reviews

Since starting with Matty last summer I’ve began to look after my health and fitness a lot more now. I stopped smoking in August and training with Matty has given me the edge to do this. We train twice a weeks BJ’s fitness and all the group just get on and we have a lot of fin and wind ups which make the sessions better and we all motivate each other. I personally now have a small gym in the garage which I use on days not with Matty and again this is down to motivation with Matty and the other lads. I would definitely recommend anyone woho to get their fitness and health in shape to give Matty a try it’s deinitly worked for me and life is easier!!
non venenatis’’

Daniel Wallman

Matty is very knowledgable and professional, he listened to my requirements and designed the perfect plan to help me reach my goals. He works in a safe and motivational way encouraging me to push myself but ensuring I don't injure myself in the process. Can't recommend him highly enough!'

Alison T

Could not recommend Matty enough, I've tried various other Excersice programmes/bootcamps and they just were not for me, Matty listens to what you want to acheive and takes on board your thoughts which means there's no need to dread what's coming. With Mattys help/encouragement I've realised that I can push my self harder than I ever thought and that actually there's always a bit further I can go after that too. He's approachable, friendly and knows his stuff - Ive come to realise that the only person I need to compare self to is myself at the beginning of this programme and at only half way through I'm running rings around the old me (not literally I don't do running) Could not recommend/thank Matty enough for his guidance and belief - if you are looking for a personal trainer look no further.

Kim H